Friday, December 26, 2008


Hey Everyone!

Hope you all had a very MERRY Christmas, and I'm wishing you a HAPPY NEW YEAR (although it's only December 26th still)

Keep checkin up on CRE8TED 2 SHINE blog for more Cards, and photo fun. I'm planning on having lots more fun in 2009.


Saturday, November 29, 2008


Hey everyone...

Did you know that Christmas is only 26 days away?

Get in the CHRISTMAS SPIRIT and purchase some beautiful CHRISTMAS PHOTO CARDS...

With me being the CRAFTY PHOTOGRAPHER that I am, I have created some Christmas Cards for you my friends and family (and others, if you so desire) to purchase. Some are stamped creations, but others include Original Photography, from Me.

Thanks for looking, and please send this site along to your friends and family. Word of Mouth helps out alot. Be blessed, and remember JESUS is the REASON for the SEASON.

*Completed cards will be posted ASAP, but feel free to browse and order from the pictures below. The cards can have a Scripture on them as well.*

Join with me and STAMP OUT THE DEVIL!
See my SCS GALLERY online, and order cards from there as well. Just mention the title of the card in your e-mail.

To order, please E-mail me at

Christmas Wreath: #1

Christmas Poinsettia #1:

Christmas Ornament:
Black & White:

B/W with colour focus on Ornament:

Christmas Ornament 1 & 2:
(pictures coming, but they are the same pic as above, just in full colour)

*All purchased cards will have the Watermark removed on the photo*
*All photos are photographed by Mitzi Hall*

Prices are $2 ea., or 12 for $20.

Thanks for looking, and supporting CRE8TED 2 SHINE!

~ Mitzi Hall

My Cooliris Wall

Cre8ted 2 Shine Photography Creations for Sale...

Soon you can purchase photographs (4"x6"; 5"x7"; 8"x10") with a Bible Verse, or just plain. They are available as well with Matting, ready to frame. If you would like them framed, framing is extra charge.

Approximate Pricing:


8”x10” features a 5”x7” Image $7.00

11”x14” features a 8”x10” Image $13.00

3.5"x5" ~ $1.50
4" x 6" ~ $2.00
5” x 7” ~ $3.00
8” x 10” ~ $6.00
10" x 13" ~ $8.00
11" x 14" ~ $9.00
16”x20” features the Image with no matting $20.00
(still playing around with pricing & framing ideas....)

I can also be available to take 'amateur' pictures, portraits, etc of “life’s special moments” (Children’s portraits, weddings (secondary), showers, birthdays, ‘Firsts’, Engagements, Baby dedications, Baptisms, Concerts, Dance Recitals, Plays/Dramas/School performances, etc) for you or your family members & friends. Pets would be fun too (if possible). PRICING would be different than the above, due to portrait package considerations. Preferably a month's notice depending on the size and importance of event. (For weddings, etc, I am still classified as an amateur, so I would be classified as a secondary photographer if you desired, you could hire the main photographer, and then purchase my prints from me.)

Contact Mitzi on Facebook or by E-mail ( for more information. Bookmark my blog website,, so you can see the new products!

Be blessed... and STAMP OUT THE DEVIL!